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Tea Parties (The Full Experience):

Beyond the fairy shop you will find the tea party room, filled with secrets waiting to be found.

8 boxes stand locked in the corner, containing handmade costumes to borrow (wings, wands, bustles, flower crowns) Edible flowers, Fairy Tea (made of flowers), dancing dust, games, the queen's private fairy garden and a wishing well.


The keys are hidden all over the room. To find them we must learn important lessons about 

  • how to connect with nature and how to care for it 

  • trees are more alive than we realise

  • dancing is magic

  • care for the animals

  • good intentions and good karma

  • be yourself, love yourself- everyone is different

  • recycling, reducing & reusing

  • how to find your path to follow your dreams and

  • how to have your wishes granted by fairies


Once we've unlocked our costumes, the fairy tea and danced around the tea table with dancing dust it's time to show the fairies what you've learned in the magical quest!


Find the clue to the queen fairies garden and the wishing well.


Each child takes a fairy and a wish home and the reassurance that there is more to life than what we see. The fairies will help us if we help them to save the world!

Duration 1hr $35 each. Times 10am - 12noon - 2pm

Bookings essential 2 minimum 10 maximum.


Fairies in Kuranda
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