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The Quest:

Beyond the Tea-Party room is a doorway leading to a secret fairy garden where the fairies are waiting for you to complete their quest.


You must follow the clues hidden throughout the 5 magical landscapes to show the fairies you know how to look after nature.


Help the plants to grow in the enchanted forest where the gnomes live. Cross the stream and climb the rocky mountain, slide down the snowy slopes to crack the code and recycle the rubbish on the pirate's beach.


Help the animals by returning them to their mother. They are hiding by candlelight, lost throughout the lands.


Find maps and scrolls and keys for treasure chests to find the code to the fairy door.


Complete your quest to take home a fairy, a glowing tree spirit or a wish as your prize.


Duration 20-30 mins $25 each 6 maximum. No bookings required

Fairies in Kuranda
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